Negin Niknejad was born in Iran and later relocated to Spain before finally settling down in the US with her family. Throughout her childhood, she was exposed to the deeply rooted holistic healing system of the Persian Atari. Her early work was a search for fulfillment through serving others, and as a result, she began to examine the life forces around her hoping to uncover her gift. Through meditation and self-healing, she discovered the power in balancing a healthy mind and a healthy body with the supportive effects of proper nutrition. Many arduous, tearful and joyful years later, she uncovered her true path to healing, mixing and creating. Her extensive travel and research have cultivated her knowledge of natural healing remedies from all circles of life. Her intuitive nature enables her to render customized service by connecting with her clients on a level that has led her to an important realization: we all share the same needs at varying times in our lives.

Negin Niknejad is a 2006 Aveda Institute NYC graduate and a licensed aesthetician in New York, California andTexas, an Usui Reiki Master, Herbalist, and the founder of JustBe Skin Line. She regularly deepens her studies of Ayurveda and meditation in India. Her style of healing is minimal, pure and restorative. Negin receives guidance from the simplicity and the art of nature, which has been and always will be her most valued teacher. She practices in New York City.

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