This exquisite detoxifying body scrub is formulated to exfoliate layers of dead-skin cells and deeply moisturize every inch of your body leaving you feeling smooth and rejuvenated. The treatment begins with a full body dry brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system and filter out toxins in the body, followed by an application of a special healing blend of Dead Sea salt and a warm rich Ayurvedic herbal oil. The mixture is then applied to the body with invigorating upward motions to tone and promote circulation and later removed with warm towels. You body will be nourished from inside and out. 70min / $185

A beautiful deep cleansing treatment for our ever neglected back. Includes analysis, manuka honey and healing salt exfoliation,
deep cleansing mask, massage and hydration. 55min / $150

Reiki, touch, sound, aroma and crystals are combined to restore balance in the body, re-align the chakras, accelerate the
healing process and clear space for a healthy flow of Chi. 50min / $150

A blend of stretches, acupressure and manipulation to render a relaxing yet invigorating and restorative experience.
This ancient form of healing was born in India and was later incorporated into the healing system of Thailand.
Treatment is performed on a Thai floor mat with recipient in comfortable clothing. 90min / $185

* You can also add-on Reiki or Head Massage to any of your treatments. 10min / $35


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