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Our skin is an outer reflection of our internal body. Imbalances seen on our skin may reveal a problem on a deeper level, and could be our bodies’ way of alerting us to an imbalance in one of the many systems that enable our body to function on a daily basis. A simple and effective skin care regimen plus the intake of nutritious foods, proper hydration and a smile will also reveal itself on our skin.


The JustBe Skin Line is hand made by me, Negin Niknejad in New York City. It’s minimal, it’s clean and it works. My product line is edible and made using the freshest plant and food based ingredients directly from nature that work well with all skin types. I also custom make products according to my clients’ specific needs. There are no synthetic substances, perfumes, parabens, chemicals or harmful preservatives found in my products. I use ingredients that the body will recognize. My line is Reiki’d, energized with crystals, positive words and music and served in glass packaging. JustBe skin care, it’s nourishment for our skin!



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  1. […] an event in Brooklyn. Negin is a Reiki practitioner and licensed aesthetician in NYC. Her JustBe Skincare is handcrafted, “minimal, clean and it works.” (It’s also edible.) My skin just drank up the […]

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